The most well-known virtualization and cloud infrastructure supplier in the world is VMware. VMware has over 200,000 customers who rely on its products to help them reach their business goals. VMWare takes an evolutionary approach to cloud computing that simplifies IT, reduces cost, and improves service agility while minimizing risk. Visit the VMware website at www.vmware.com to discover more about their products and services.

Trillium IT Technologies is able to offer a wide range of sophisticated VMware solutions to clients in a variety of industries thanks to its accreditations and highly-skilled workforce. Our solutions help clients in the healthcare, hospitality, educational, enterprise, financial, and government sectors address IT challenges by delivering adaptable, automated, and efficient solutions inside a virtual infrastructure environment.. Small businesses benefit equally from our cloud computing and virtualization solutions.

TrilliumĀ IT Technologies provides its clients with the following product lines:

  • Apps that run on the desktop
  • Server Application Software
  • Cloud management software
  • Networking and Storage for Virtual Desktops
  • A tool for storing copies of data
  • Network security and integrity products

If you have any questions about our custom solutions or products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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